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About Us - The Company
MoneySwap PLC is incorporated under the laws of Gibraltar and is headquartered in Hong Kong. MS Services Center Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary, is regulated under the Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department and is registered as a Money Service Operator (MSO). MoneySwap Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary, is regulated under Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), United Kingdom and is registered as a Small Payment Institution (SPI) for merchant acquisition and issuing payment instruments.
UnionPay Payment Services for Merchants
MoneySwap provides merchants access to the spending power of over 3.5 billion UnionPay cardholders. MoneySwap’s payment gateways are certified by UnionPay and accept payments from cardholders for online and point of sales purchases. MoneySwap provides a complete solution which includes payment settlements in multi currencies and online access to transaction reports and support. UnionPay is the largest bankcard brand in China, and is widely accepted in more than 125 countries.
    MoneySwap the secure, complete and licensed solution for UnionPay Payments.
UnionPay Online
Payment "UPOP"
Point Of Sales
Send Money Directly to UnionPay Cardholders
MoneySwap provides a gateway to UnionPay’s MoneyExpress® services. This enables users abroad to remit funds directly to UnionPay cardholders in China through our remittance partners. Each remittance is authenticated by UnionPay and the State Administration of Foreign Exchange of China (“SAFE”). The cardholder in China can withdraw cash at an ATM or make purchases where UnionPay cards are accepted. Currently, China is the second largest recipient of remittances. MoneyExpress® is a secure, cost effective and convenient way to send funds to China. MoneyExpress® is a registered trademark by UnionPay.
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